The Good Person of Szechwan

“Jeri Marshall, Isabella Karina Coelho and Michael Buono complete the cast as outspoken Mrs. Shin, the obnoxious, scantily-clad Niece and a boombox playing Nephew. All three are strong actors with beautifully trained voices that serve this production well.”

-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We all agreed that Isabella Karina Coelho and Micah Kronlokken brought much energy and magic to their shared roles of puppeteers of Snoopy and Woodstock. Their fine work brought both characters to life.”

-Misha Davenport,

“Snoopy and Woodstock (both played by puppets designed by Lolly Puppets and skillfully worked by Isabella Karina Coelho and Micah Kronlokken) have a friendly competition over Christmas decorations, and projected thought balloons tell us what Snoopy has on his mind.”

Kerry Reid, The Chicago Tribune

The B.F.G.

 Aram Monisoff plays the BFG and Isabella Karina Coelho plays Sophie. The two expertly imbue their characters with the child-like wonder necessary for this type of production.   In addition, their puppetry skills help to solve one of the biggest tactile problems one faces with this show- how to convey creatures of radically different sizes.” 

 -Drew Wancket, Chicago Stage Standard